Weaving away in the English Countryside...

Sophie Cotterill is a UK based Fibre Artist, specialising in hand woven wall art and hand spun yarns. 

Her work is intended for eclectic souls and creative homemakers, appreciators of age-old craft and lovers of whimsy and nature. 'Wallflowers' hang soft and tactile on the wall, filled with undulating texture and experimental colour palettes, bringing a unique quality to the space they hang in. At first glance, their organic and unusual nature is apparent, but there is even more to learn and appreciate about the background and process behind her creations.


The origins of Wallflower Weavings...

Sophie began her craft in 2014, when she lived in the quaint Dutch city of Delft and was looking for a creative outlet to occupy her days as a one year expat. It was there that she discovered weaving and the world of fibre art, and began to spend her days poring over a rustically handmade loom, building a new found passion from the ground up. Returning a year later to her hometown in Cheshire, England, her love for weaving evolved into the complementing practices of hand spinning and botanical dyeing.

She continued to build her work and business with the great privilege of the country's world-renowned wools at her disposal. Many road trips, farm visits, days in the sun spent washing, dyeing and spinning wool later, she is now settled in the English countryside in an 1890s cottage with a rickety old brick yard, country garden and a dedicated studio, 

Every moment of her work is about passion and improvement, learning new skills, experimenting with new ideas and overall creating beautiful tapestries that customers around the world continue to enjoy after years of following along. Her work is more recently moving into brick and mortar sales and appearances in Airbnb locations, from French B&Bs to Welsh country campervans.


About the creative process...

The recognisable organic and flowing designs of Wallflower Weavings stem from a great influence from nature, and like vines and flowers, Sophie's work grows from her fingertips instinctively, naturally, without a real plan in mind.

With this, it is fitting that her chosen materials also follow the same ethos of following the organic and the natural. You will never find a piece in this shop that is made with synthetic fibres, or mass produced yarns. Instead, she chooses the natural and hand crafted approach. If you were to take a peek into her daily life as a maker, you'd find her washing raw sheep, alpaca or angora wool in the yard from traceable, trusted UK animal owners, or spinning and dyeing yarns all afternoon with homegrown veggies and flowers, or weaving away into the early hours of the morning.

Sophie believes that every crafter and art collector should be enlightened to a world away from the mass produced. Experience the beauty of working with hand crafted materials and buying bespoke, original artwork.