Wall Art Commissions

Maker Sophie loves to bring your ideas to life. As a fibre artist, she uses her knowledge, skills and creativity in the world of wool to help you design a beautiful piece of bespoke artwork for your home.

This bespoke piece was created to fit perfectly into the tall stairwell of the client's home.

This commission was created to hang above the client's bedframe, and was made with a custom ordered acrylic pole.

A commission in progress on the loom. This client asked for a beach inspired piece, so soft tones of seafoam blue, shell white and touches of silver to mimic the sunlight's reflection on the water were chosen.


Email Sophie directly through the website, email address or even Instagram messages with your initial ideas. The main aspects to consider are - budget, size, colours and any references to past creations you've seen on the website or Instagram.

You're also very welcome to keep things really simple and leave the planning to Sophie. Size and colours are the main factors to be given an estimate for a commission.


These references may be pictures of your home, the room it will hang in, a Pinterest board, another piece of artwork you wish it to compliment, or an image of something that inspires you. It can also be a straightforward request to recreate a past piece you've seen.


Add approximate sizing details to your enquiry to see if it is achievable.


If you'd like to place a custom order but have a budget to work to, Sophie can take the reigns and explain the options that fit into your criteria. This is a really accommodating service where the word 'No' is very rarely used!


Maybe you've seen a piece of artwork that has since sold out? Share the original link or image to find out the price for a recreation. No two pieces are the same, as all weavings are made with unique fibres that are handspun and dyed, creating a constant flow of new materials to work with. This, however, is all part of the beauty of bespoke - your recreation, though following the original design, will be entirely unique to you!