Yarn and Fibre Commissions

Are you a new or seasoned weaver looking to add something unique to your yarn stash?

Along with hand weaving, Sophie is a spinner of unique Art Yarns, using her skills in hand dyeing (using natural and synthetic dyes) and fleece processing to produce traceable, organic, unique materials. All yarns are created using British sourced fleece, from sheep, to mohair, to alpaca.

A range of custom made Art Yarns, made in the classic textural, natural and organic Wallflower style.



Bespoke yarn creations are born from your own ideas! If you're in need of a beautiful, unique material to work with, maybe for a commission or simply because it's a time to treat yourself, send Sophie a message with your ideas!

Things to consider... 

Colour choices - Pastels? Brights? Neutrals?

Design - bubble plied, corespun, coil spun, thick and thin, chunky plied? The list goes on and on! Feel free to send reference pictures to explain the styles you like.

Weight - prices are generally given in 100g skein amounts, but you can have more or less if you need to. Discounts are introduced if you order 200g+ of one yarn, or 3+ individual skeins. 

Scrap Yarn - once your stash of weaving or macrame scraps is looking substantial, get in touch to start planning your own personal, recycled, reloved art yarn! From your artwork, into the post, through the spinning wheel and back into your hands to create something new again. 


These commissions demonstrate one batt design ('COASTAL' colourway) spun two different ways: Left, coilspun - Right, thread plied.


The popular 'Miss Mustard' Art Yarn, a chunky 2 ply yarn made from raw fleece, hand dyed wool, cotton, bamboo and recycled sari silk fibre.

Are you a budding or experienced yarn spinner yourself? Experience unique, super squishy, super sheepy batts! Made from hand processed materials, you'll really notice the difference between working with machine processed spinning fibre and these lofty, fluffy, natural batts. Above is a 100g batt with hand dyed Leicester Longwool curly locks.